Cyber Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing for businesses in Norfolk, Suffolk & Essex

Cyber Penetration Testing is a process that can be carried by our Cyber Security experts to identify vulnerabilities or flaws within your security system than a hacker could potentially exploit to compromise or take control of your systems. This type of testing helps your business stay ahead of cyber attacks, by potentially identifying issues before a hacker can take advantage of them.

Penetration testing should be viewed as a method of gaining assurance in your organisation's vulnerability assessment and processes, but not as the primary method for identifying vulnerabilites, with a managed business network you should already be aware of the lilmitations and risks of your systems, but a penetration test can help you verify that assessment.

Why Choose IT-C as your Penetration Testing Company?

Competitive Pen test Prices

We offer highly affordable penetration testing services to ensure companies of all sizes can protect themselves from cybersecurity threats.

Certified Experts

Our security pen testers are independently qualified by industry-recognised certification bodies such as CREST.

Deatilled Reporting

You’ll receive a comprehensive report complete with remediation advice and guidance. As well as a full debrief call to run through the findings.

What Types of Penetration Testing do we Offer?

Application Testing

Website and application penetration testing. We offer application penetration testing services for any application type, language or environment. All of our application penetration testing follows the industry standard methods and adheres to the OWASP top ten methodology for application vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

Infrastructure Testing

Internal and external penetration and vulnerability testing. We offer infrastructure penetration testing (also known as an I.T Health Check, ICT Health Check, infrastructure testing or a pentest) services for internal or external networks.

Build Reviews

Server, workstation and network device build reviews. We offer full operating system and physical build reviews for any devices. We cover all the major operating systems from Microsoft and Unix/Linux such as Microsoft Windows (desktop and server versions), RedHat, Ubuntu, Debian, SuSe and Scientific Linux.

Cloud Testing

Cloud hosting application and infrastructure testing. We offer full penetration testing and build reviews of cloud based applications and infrastructure hosting.

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