Cyber Security Assessment

Cyber Security Assessment for SMEs in Norfolk, Suffolk & Essex

Our Cyber Security Assessment Service has been tailored for businesses to rapidly assess their ability to identify, protect and defend their critical information, data and systems against the most common forms of Cyber Attacks and Cyber Threats, Our goal is to help small and medium enterprise businesses achieve a measurable reduction in cyber risks.

Optionally, the Cyber Security Assessment can also include a security penetration test, of your external and internal infrastructure, hich helps identify technical vulnerabilities and weaknesses within your IT and Business Systems Infrastructre – Contact Us to find out how we can help you!

Our Service

Led by our experienced Consultants, our Cyber Security Assessment provides a structured on-site assessment of key risk areas across your business covering people, processes, technologies and procedures.

The Cyber Security Assessment will provide you with a board-level report on the Cyber Risks facing your organisation, a prioritised list of actionable remediation actions, and optionally a fully costed remediation plan & roadmap to move your organisation to a more acceptable level of risk.

cyber security assessment
cyber security assessment steps
Key Benefits
  • Provides your business with a snapshot of your key Cyber Security Risks
  • Identifies areas requiring immediate attention, and cost-effective remediation solutions, in prioritised terms
  • Provides a measure of Cyber Security Controls within your business
  • Assists with Cyber Security cost forecasting, and budget justification

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