Password Management Solutions

Password Management Solutions for businesses in Norfolk, Suffolk & Essex

Using a password manager lets you create strong passwords without having to worry about remembering all of them. And the best password managers easily keep track of all the different passwords you use and help assess the strength of your existing passwords.

A good password manager will let you know if your passwords are weak, used on multiple accounts, or have appeared in a data breach or on the dark web. Password managers can also help you create strong, unique passwords and make sure you’re following password best practices.


At IT-C we have partnered with one of the leading password management solutions on the market in the form of LastPass. LastPass provides award-winning password and identity management solutions that are convenient, effortless, and easy to manage. LastPass values users’ privacy and security, so your sensitive information is always hidden – even from us.

Benefits of LastPass Password Management
Eliminate employee password reuse

Ensure employees practice great password hygiene with the integrated LastPass Password Generator.

Manage passwords from one place

Give every user their own personalized vault, while maintaining oversight with a robust admin dashboard.

Protect your sensitive data

Keep everyone’s credentials, notes, and info safe using LastPass’ zero-knowledge security model.

Share passwords simply and safely

Securely share credentials where employees and clients require access and organize shared credentials by Groups.

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