IPCortex On-Preimse Telephone Systems

IPCortex On-Premise Business Telephone Systems in Norfolk, Suffolk & Essex

The IPCortex range of VoIP Telephony Systems offer a flexible and effective communications backbone for your business, with a GREATLY reduced cost of ownership and operation compared to conventional PABX and other On-Premise VoIP telephony systems.

Whether you are looking for a physical dedicated phone system or a software based virtualised solution, we can provide an IPCortex solution to meet your business needs.

Dedicated Hardware

Deploy a reliable local hardware or virtual systems and have the added benefit of cloud-oriented features like keevio, our web based phone that you can use anywhere at anytime.

Virtual Edition

Enable full flexibility and greater efficiency to businesses through the IPCortex VoIP PBX designed to operate in a virtual environment. End-users can deploy on various virtual platforms with the capability of scaling their solutions to fit their requirements.

Benefits of an IPCortex telephone system

“Big Company” Telecom Features
  • Voice mail and e-mail integration
  • Call transfer, forwarding/divert
  • IVR/Auto Attendants
  • Built in Tannoy/Paging
  • Hunt Groups, Queuing Systems
  • Hot Desking
  • Conference calls
  • Music on Hold
  • Caller ID plus “presence” (see who’s available before calling)
  • Call logging, statistics and itemised billing data
  • XMPP IM server with presence
  • Call recording *Available on the Pro & Multi-Tenant systems
  • BLF/extension monitoring
  • TAPI module for CTI
  • Voicemail/fax to e-mail
  • High availability
Flexibility / Scalability
  • Compatability with a range of VoIP providers
  • Retain existing ISDN2e, ISDN30e and Analogue Circuit numbers
  • Ease of linking remote offices, home workers and travelling staff (worldwide)
  • Non-location specific – create a “presence” anywhere in the world whilst maintaining a single point of contact
  • Extremely quick and easy to add, or remove, “phone extensions” wherever they are needed, irrespective of location
  • Security and peace of mind in conjunction with a range of disaster recovery options – you can rest easy, you’ll never be without your phone system!
  • A wide range of “soft” and “hard” phone options
  • No per phone licences or feature licences – completely licence free
  • Low time/cost overhead when adding extensions - simply buy a phone and plug it in
  • Scaling the company up or down has never been so easy
  • Not locked in to any specific handset family
  • Solutions available for business with up to 1200 users. Additional users can be catered for by linking together multiple PBX units.

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