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Hosted Business VoIP services for SMEs in Norfolk, Suffolk & Essex

A Hosted VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephony solution gives you everything a traditional on-premise PBX does but with one crucial difference: it’s hosted in the cloud.

Designed for modern fast paced British businesses. the IT-C VoIP Cloud allows businesses to Move, adapt, interact. Connect from anywhere, geographically independent. Use desk phones or mobile devices. Connect your team together: from office, from home, from overseas. A Hosted PBX solution that comes with simple, affordable pricing structure.

Reduce running costs

No line rental fees. Optional Unlimited call plans. No maintenance contracts. Easy to use plug and play system.

Number Porting

Bring your existing phone numbers to our service and keep them even if you move to any other location.

Self Management Portal

Create and manage your business call-flow via an easy to use drag & drop web interface.

No lock in contracts

No minimum term contracts or commitments. Scale up or down and change call plans at any time.

Improve your comms

Connect from anywhere and from any device. Instantly add phones when required. Move between offices at any time.

Advanced reporting

Track performance of your team. Generate various reports and improve call handling.

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The Best Price For You


£5.70ex VAT

Per User Per Month
  • 1 x User Licence
  • 1 x Device Licence
  • Inclusive Support
  • Calls to UK Landlines
    1p per min
  • Calls to UK Mobiles
    4.75p per min


£14.10ex VAT

Per User Per Month
  • 1 x User Licence
  • 1 x Device Licence
  • Inclusive Support
  • Unlimited Inclusive
    Calls to UK Landlines
  • Unlimited Inclusive
    Calls to UK Mobiles
  • Unlimited Inclusive
    Calls to 50+ International


£8.75ex VAT

Per User Per Month
  • 1 x User Licence
  • 1 x Device Licence
  • Inclusive Support
  • Unlimited Inclusive
    Calls to UK Landlines
  • Calls to UK Mobiles
    2.9p per min
Frequently Asked Questions

VoIP (it stands for Voice over Internet Protocol) means that you make calls over the internet rather than over the traditional phone network. And with a cloud-based phone system, your call routing takes place in our internet-connected secure data centre instead of in hardware installed on your premises.

Put these technologies together and you get a cloud-based VoIP system. Why would you want one? How about lower upfront costs, fixed monthly pricing, no maintenance, and automatic updates for starters? Plus, being on the internet means you can manage your system through an online portal wherever you can get an internet connection; and the system easily grows as your business does.

Yes, you’ll get the same level of clarity as you do with a regular landline (depending on the set-up of your system and the internet connection, call quality may even be better). Calls made over your internet connection can be set to take priority over data, so you can be sure that your call quality will be consistent.

When you talk to us about installing a cloud-based phone system, we’ll discuss your current broadband connection to ensure your VoIP calls will be of good enough quality for your business. And if you’re looking for a new internet connection, we’ll find the right package for your business from our comprehensive range of: standard broadband, fibre broadband, or leased line internet services.

There are several ways you can use your mobile with the system.

You can set your mobile to ring whenever your office phone does, called 'twinning', which is handy whether you’ve just popped away from your desk or you’re out of the office.

An alternative option is to utilise a mobile app (for Android and iOS devices).

The App turns your mobile into an extension of your phone system. Not only can you answer and make calls, but you’ll also be able to transfer calls between colleagues.

Our IT-C Voipcloud phone system is hosted in secure Tier 3 data centre, that has a proven record of 100% power uptime and complete 2N protection.

But let's say your internet connection does have an off day. You can simply take your IP phones, plug them into another broadband service and carry on as normal, using the same number. When things are up and running again, re-connect your phones as before and you're back in business with high quality phone calls.

Or, using the online portal, you could just re-direct your calls to any other landline or mobile.

We aim to make setting up as simple as possible, which is why you’ll have a team of cloud system experts to call on if you need help.

Our IT-C VoIP Cloud Phone system is the simple plug and play option where phones arrive ready to go. Just connect things together and we’ll talk you through how to set it up so it’s right for your business, including help with setting up call handling rules.

Although th IT-C VoIP Cloud is a system that you can install yourself, we also offer a full installation and configuration service if you prefer.


Security is absolutely critical.

That's why the data centres where we host our VoIP phone systems undergo robust audits; it’s why they have everything from firewalls to intrusion detection systems; and it’s why all your data is encrypted, to protect it from cyber-attacks and unauthorised access.

For starters, everything you need you can get directly from us, making the whole process easy. All the equipment and the internet connections we supply are designed to work together to give you the highest quality of service.

To get you up and running, you'll have support from our team of ICT experts who will help you set up the system so it works for how you run your business. They’ll show you how to configure and manage it through the online portal.

All out VoIP packages include support from our helpdesk for technical help or advice.