Business Broadband Services

Business Broadband Provider in Norfolk, Suffolk & Essex

Staying connected is critical for all businesses, and having a reliable business broadband solution is critical to small annd large businesses alike.

At IT-C we offer a wide range of services to provide the best solution to meet each customers requirements. We work closely with our customers to choose the right broadband infrastructure for their needs at a competitive cost.

ADSL Broadband

ADSL broadband operates over standard copper wires, with speeds being subject to line quality and how far away the nearest telephone exchange is. ADSL has been largely superceded by VDSL services now, however is still in operation, largely in areas where VDSL services are not available.

Our Braodband services offer unlimited usage, low contention ratios, QoS and static IP addresses as standard, across a range of carriers and 100% coverage of UK exchanges.

VDSL Broadband

VDSL Broadband otherwise known as Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC), or Fibre to the Premises (FTTP), provides super-fast download speeds, enabling businesses to make the most of high bandwidth services, at very commpetitive rates.

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