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Proactive Monitoring Services

With core business processes becoming increasingly reliant on technology, the choice of an IT Support partner is, arguably, one of the most important decisions any organisation makes. At IT-C Support Solutions, we believe that prevention is better than cure. By monitoring system resources, traffic levels, service availability and incident logging, we can save you time and money, thus avoiding problems that could have been prevented by early intervention.

How it works

Our proactive monitoring service utilises a secure, encrypted internet connection between a small software agent running on your server or PC and our central monitoring server. This allows us to monitor your critical systems on a 24/7 basis, giving us a real-time view of device availability, performance data and utilisation statistics. We are automatically alerted when a defined threshold is breached meaning potential IT issues are addressed before they escalate into disruption and downtime

We typically monitor the following system elements within our IT Support package, giving you complete peace of mind:

  • Internet Connectivity
  • Critical Windows Services running on your server
  • Backup status
  • AV status
  • Disk Usage thresholds
  • CPU/Memory Utilisation
  • Exchange DB sizes
  • Server hardware faults including CPU, Disk, Power, Fans, Processors and more

Real-time monitoring enables us to quickly identify system vulnerabilities, enabling efficient proactive resolution.

With an IT-C Support Solutions IT Support contract you know that you have the combined expertise and experience of one of the leading IT Support Companies in East Anglia behind you, delivering:

  • Instant access to highly qualified and experienced IT Support professional team
  • Complete commitment to resolving any issues quickly and cost effectively
  • Exceptional value - With costs comparable to a 'one man band', you get the expertise, experience and convenience of a full, dedicated IT Support team
  • Total Cover - Where internal resources are stretched, we can compliment your in-house IT during staff absences and demanding work periods, giving you complete peace of mind

Contact us to request more information or to arrange for a call back to discuss how our Proactive System Monitoring could work for you.

" With IT-C I can talk to a technician instantly and if it is not urgent I can guarantee they will answer my emails quickly. They know exactly what we are running and how systems are configured so I do not have to repeat myself whenever I call. I have no hesitation in recommending them to potential clients. "

Genene Constance, Head of IT, Shadwell Estate Company.

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