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Network Management Services

Businesses depend upon their IT systems and have invested in hardware, software and training to ensure it meets their business needs. we can provide a Network Management Service to meet your exact needs. Our technicans can implement solutions to monitor your whole network, delivering availability and management information.

What are the Features of a Network Management Services?

UPS Management:

  • Your business is reliant on your IT systems and you have most likely invested in UPS systems to keep you going in the event of power failure. we can proactively monitor the battery status on your UPS hardware, ensuring you are ready should the worst happen.

Hardware Status:

  • Our technicians check your server hardwarefor:
  • Fan failures
  • RAID set status i.e. alerts for hard drive failure
  • RAID controller status i.e. live or hardware fix required
  • Component failure

Router Status:

Your router is vital to your network and your Internet connection, we can monitor and alert against these metrics:

  • Network traffic which allows us to see the following issues:
  • Router capacity i.e. does the router have the capacity for your network now and in the future
  • Network bottlenecks i.e. can we tune parts of the network to improve performance


  • IT issues are expertly managed off site until resolved within a pre agreed Service Level Agreement. ALL of our calls are answered directly by qualified experienced technicians.
  • On site visits if required.
  • The system delivers an audit trail and where required reports on tickets raised and in this way generates a knowledge base of how IT is performing in your business.
  • The Helpdesk is available during office hours, calls may be logged via phone, email or the web.
  • Our Customer portal allows clients to access and view current and historical activity on IT issues.


  • We can deliver reports on your IT infrastructure, identifying how it is performing and potential issue, in plain English delivered directly to you the decision maker.

Our Network Management Services provide you with a clear picture of your IT system allowing you to take control of your IT assets. Our proactive maintenance visist Managed IT Support services reduce our costs and allows us to provide high quality IT Support at low cost rates!

Our Managed IT Support services save time and money because it is remote, proactive and automates the provision of IT Support and improves the ROI through reduced downtime and more productive computing. Vistit the IT Support Services Section to view more information about our services

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" IT-C really understand what a business needs from an IT partner, a high level of quality customer care coupled with an in depth knowledge of current technology and how to relate it to our business. They give good honest and independent advice. "

Dale Gedge, Head of IT, World Horse Welfare.

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